silly season

Don't lose your focus during the silly season!

Our top tips to remain on task and on target in 2016!


1. Schedule down time

Plan time to refresh, recharge and revitalise. You have earned it; so prioritise it. Keep in the holiday spirit and encourage the team to enjoy their planned down time so that they return revitalised in 2016.

2. Communicate, celebrate, commiserate!

Remember to keep your communication honest and two-way. Be clear on your expectations, priorities and timelines for projects and tasks that you are working on. You may need to negotiate around others leave time. Discuss your expectations early to achieve synergy in efforts and results.

Thank people for a job well-done and reward them for milestones achieved. Be prepared to reflect and refocus with the team when things get off track.

3. Schedule blocks of time wisely; remain focussed on your goals

Know your priorities and plan accordingly. Schedule everything….from family time, fun time, to gym time. What doesn’t get planned gets missed! Remove distractions, make sure you have access to an appropriate environment whenever and whenever you plan to work.

4. Buy a new journal and start planning

Nothing is more exciting than buying a new diary or business journal in anticipation for 2016. Fill it with thoughts and ideas on everything you want to achieve. Mind map your Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s] a goal not planned remains a dream. Break things down…it’s not as daunting.

You can see a list of stationary and tools we love here.

5. Remember multitasking is a lie!

Work on one thing at a time! Doing two things poorly is worse than focusing your energy and effort on one thing at a time to achieve a quality outcome.

6. Design a creative and stimulating environment

Refresh and reorganise your office. Change your desk around. File, declutter.

7. Remain positive and solutions focused

Nobody likes a grouch. Head into 2016 determined to make a difference. Present a positive outlook to your team.

Follow these tips and you should be skipping into 2016, revitalised and ready for new challenges! Do you have any tips to share? How do you prepare for the end of one year and the beginning of a new one? We'd love to hear from you in the comments - or drop us a line on our Facebook or LinkedIn!