I’s on the Future


I’s on the Future


Now more than ever business requires its management team to think differently. Doing business the way it was always done is no longer a guarantee that you will be in business tomorrow. This interactive workshop examines the environment required to enable and support innovative thinking and practice. 

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Learners establish how to encourage and embed innovative thinking within their team. Examining the types and degrees of change innovation leads to within an organisation, learners build a solid foundation to enable them to support stakeholders throughout a change cycle and ultimately become innovative change champions.

  • Define innovation
    • What is it?
    • What are the characteristics of an innovative organisation?
  • Building and sustaining innovation
    • How can we improve and encourage others to be innovative?
    • How can we embed innovation into our culture?
    • The role of the innovation champion
  • Creative thinking model
    • Edward De Bono’s 6 Hat Thinking
  • Types and degrees of change
    • Incremental
    • Intermediate
    • Quantum leap
  • Understanding the change cycle and how people react to it
    • Building resilience and bounce!
  • Championing change
    • Being a change champion
    • Facilitating and leading change processes


1 Day program


$2,640 INC GST per workshop [maximum numbers 20]


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