Don't Risk It


Don't Risk It


This interactive workshop looks at the legislative and regulatory requirements that potentially impact on business operations when staff gets things wrong. 

No business is free from risk…because we hire people! Unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, discrimination, and harassment is costing business millions annually.

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You can no longer simply hire personnel and expect them to know the lay of the land; the environment has changed. Increase your staff engagement and retention, decrease your HR claims and increase bottom line profit. Politics can stay in Canberra; it’s simply good business!

  • Inappropriate behaviour... where does it stem from and what’s the risk to the business? Exploring and interpreting your legal responsibilities at work
  • Discrimination; Reviewing Jane Elliot’s Brown Eye - Blue Eye experiment
  • Bullying; Know what is and is not bullying
  • Reporting; Here’s how we handle things around here!


Half Day program


$1,815 INC GST per workshop [maximum numbers 20]


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