Mentored Business Qualification

Leadership & Management

If you want to improve your leadership capabilities, develop your untapped potential and generally 'sharpen your saw', enrolling via a one-on-one mentored pathway is the right way to gain your nationally recognised qualification.

If you need inspiration, motivation, encouragement and dedicated support, then a mentored qualification pathway is the right option to explore.

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Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

This qualification supports the growth and development of someone becoming an emerging leader within their organisation. If you take responsibility for not only your own performance but guide and support others as well, then this qualification is for you.

Diploma of Leadership & Management

A level up from the Certificate IV, this Diploma will see you review, enhance and innovate current workplace practices. If you are employed to not only manage the work of others, but also to add value to and review current management practices, then the Diploma is the correct entry level.

Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

This qualification is designed to support someone experienced in leading and managing a team.
If you use initiative and judgement to plan and implement a range of leadership and management functions, with accountability for personal and team outcomes, then the Advanced Diploma is the appropriate entry point.

Why use a mentor

If you want to get on the fast-track to success, then having a mentor is the fastest way to get there. As a mentor we are there to help you when you get stuck, blocked, or stall; often by your own doing.

To be successful you need to walk through the right doors; if you don’t know the right one to be knocking on, your mission is thwarted from the outset.

Here’s why we recommend a mentoring pathway to support you in completing your qualification:

  • You can’t develop EQ by reading a book

  • Mentors know what it takes to succeed professionally

  • Mentors can see where you need to improve when often you cannot

  • Mentors find ways to stimulate your development

  • Mentors act as safe sounding boards offering unfiltered feedback

  • Mentors are disciplinarians creating boundaries that you can’t set for yourself

  • Mentors are enthusiasts; invested in seeing you grow

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