The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own example. Scope Vision offers you a choice of flexible pathways designed to support your professional growth and development. 

Complete your nationally recognised qualification via recognition pathway, or access our one-on-one mentoring model gaining insight and personalised support as you discover and recognise your potential.

Recognition Pathway Qualifications

What is recognition pathway

Recognition pathway is an assessment only option available for someone wishing to demonstrate their competency in a unit of competence, or at a qualification level. You access recognition pathways when you believe that you have the life experience and real world evidence to demonstrate the skills and knowledge requirements outlined within a nationally recognised unit. In this instance you work with your assessor discussing the types of evidence you can provide and submit a portfolio for assessment. You may also be asked to attend a face-to-face meeting, or connect via Skype. When your assessor is satisfied that you have demonstrated your competence you will be awarded a competent result. One unit sees you gain a Statement of Attainment, when enough units are held, a qualification is awarded.

For more information on how this pathway works, download our Learner Guide


Business Qualifications


If you already possess the skills and knowledge and have a demonstrated track record in leading people and managing business, then enrolling via recognition pathway is the right option for you.

Guided by your Scope Vision coach and working at your own pace, you collate an evidence portfolio of real world examples demonstrating your leadership and management capabilities.


Mentored Qualifications

Improve your leadership capabilities, developing your untapped potential with dedicated one-on-one mentoring.

Using accredited assessment and personalised resources your Scope Vision mentor will support your professional development so you can obtain your nationally recognised qualification. 


Mentored Business Qualification


If you want to improve your leadership capabilities, develop your untapped potential and generally 'sharpen your saw', enrolling via an one-on-one mentored pathway is the right way to gain your nationally recognised qualification.

If you need inspiration, motivation, encouragement and dedicated support, then a mentored qualification pathway is definitely the option to explore