Be Awesome Lunch & Learn : Be the Leader You Admire Scope Day


Be Awesome Lunch & Learn : Be the Leader You Admire Scope Day

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This Be Awesome Lunch and Learn is designed to take you on a journey of discovery; a journey aimed at uncovering and discovering more about you! Exploring your DISC motivators and how to hold conversations with intent, this workshop ensures you are communicating for success!

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This workshop explores your individual style through the eyes of DISC helping you to identify your natural way of doing things and how this is perceived by others. With an estimated 75% of Fortune 500 companies using DISC as the basis for their professional development pathways, DISC will give you an insight into and understanding of how others perceive you, what you should do to drive your strengths and strategies you can consider to minimise the impact of your observable weaknesses. 

DISC at a glance:

  • Dominance: How you approach problems and challenges.
  • Influence: How you interact with and attempt to influence other people.
  • Steadiness: How you respond to the pace of the environment.
  • Compliance: How you respond to rules and regulations set by others.

Part two of the workshop focuses on holding meaningful conversations ensuring you deliver your messages with appropriate intent. How we interact with others speaks volume about our leadership capabilities. Enabling and growing those around us will see not only our interpersonal relationships thrive, but our life, business or team success inevitably skyrocket as well. Learning to ‘power with’ and not ‘power over’ others.

Your Lunch and Learn : Be the Leader You Admire! takeaways:

  • DISC Motivators Inventory [a 26 page report on your value to the organisation, checklists for communicating, creating your ideal environment, perceptions; how people see you, keys to motivating and managing you]
  • Holding Conversations with Intent”: “Power With” or “Power Over” [a checklist to ensure you are enabling your leadership capabilities by engaging in appropriate conversations] 



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The Saint, 2 Morris Road Innaloo

Plenty of free parking. Light lunch provided during the workshop. As The Saint is a licensed venue you are welcome to purchase alcohol.