What our Clients say

Scope has been part of my development both personal and professional for 17 years. Confucius once quipped that

"Real knowledge comes from knowing the extent of what you don't know".

The team at Scope have always had an holistic approach to learning that is more than just ticking the boxes of being competent.

Scope mentors, challenge and stretch your approach to learning and development on every level. I imagine it's closer to the schools of philosophy and learning as defined by Socrates and Plato !!!

I can honestly say that without the team at Scope past and present teaching, coaxing, giving and showing me the keys and tools to being successful I would not have achieved half of the milestones in my career (and life). Thank you Scope for being AWESOME.

Richard Moroney
Venue Manager
Dunsborough Hotel

I completed my Certificate IV many years ago now with MJ and Jo. I had little idea what I was doing and what it was all about when it came to unpacking a qualification. But with dedicated assistance from MJ and Jo they helped me find my way and move forward.

Jo went out of her way to come and see me complete a presentation so I could obtain my Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Since then this qualification has helped me so much. I am currently Course Director of the National Search and Rescue School for Australian Police Services, it helped me gain a Churchill Fellowship where I went to the United States Coast Guard and in June I have been invited to evaluate the New Zealand Police Search and Rescue Course.

Thank you MJ and Jo for persisting with me.

Sergeant Michael Wear
Marine Search and Rescue Coordinator
WA Water Police

MJ demonstrates best practice in adult learning delivery methods and provides a learning environment that is interesting, energetic, relevant, fun and draws on people’s experiences.  She has developed a good understanding of our business and customised our programs using our documentation and polices and aligning them to our business strategy which provides the best opportunity to embed the learning back in the workplace.

As the liaison for our organisation, I have found the staff at Scope Vision to be easily contactable, timely in response, motivated to provide continuous improvement ideas and dedicated to make each learning experience better than the last.

We feel fortunate to have developed this relationship with MJ so she can be part of and add value to the leadership journey for our staff within the Department.


Tania Woodley
A/Organisational Development Consultant - Workforce Development Organisational Transformation - Department of Housing

To a large extent the greatness of my appreciation is borne out of how impressed I am with the inspirational and fabulous trainer MJ who tailored her instruction and learning to make it palatable, real, interesting, challenging and a lot of fun.

My agency's staff are particularly familiar with working in a regulatory environment that can make the interface between staff, customers and our core business, a challenge to manage successfully. I am confident that scope's program has provided me with critical learning, understanding and tools that have enhanced my capacity to understand myself and to be introspective in a positive and proactive way when managing my professional relationships.

MJ has a real gift for breaking the ice. From the start, she wove the complex strands of our group’s dynamics together, harnessing our energy and directing it toward what we needed to achieve from each module of the program. Her methodology, which I can only describe as rare, has helped me to embrace my new knowledge and start using it in my daily work practices.
Some examples of this are:

  • Having a greater appreciation and understanding of how DoT’s Performance Partnership ties in with our organisation’s strategic goals;
  • An increased capacity when scrutinising systems to identify and find strategic solutions;
  • Having a proper understanding of risk and being motivated to include risk assessment and prioritisation as a fundamental consideration for daily tasks; and
  • Being better equipped to deal with conflict management and both more familiar with what is involved and having confidence that I will make the right choices and decisions in support of excellent service.

The completion of this course and the successful submission of the final assessment task brought me a great sense of achievement and I would recommend it for managers at all levels. 

Graeme Poh
A/ Ministerial and Government Business Team Leader
Department of Transport


Since 2007 the Ability Centre have engaged the services of Scope Vision to deliver customised Workplace Training and Assessment modules for our Workplace Trainer and Assessors. Scope Vision’s contemporary and flexible approach to our organisations needs has enabled us to up skill our workforce in a sector that is continually transforming to meet the needs of our service users. Maria-Jane (MJ) is responsive, she approaches all course work collegially and she supports the participants in a professional and engaging manner. Scope Vision are a pleasure to work with, they are passionate, driven and experts in their field.

Peter Perryman
Senior Learning & Development Consultant
The Ability Centre

My journey with Scope has helped me to make a difference in other’s lives. School hasn't always been my favourite thing. In fact I am sure I will go down in history as one of Scope’s most ‘interesting’ students! Thankfully my employer, The Ability Centre who I have been with for 14.5 years, and Scope saw potential in me, encouraging me to become more than I originally thought I would be. I was content as a Mother of 6, Grandmother to 1 and a Career to many incredible individuals. As a result of my training and everyone’s persistence to help me through I am now in a position where I am able to share my passion and beliefs, guide new trainees and make a difference in peoples’ lives in their quality of life and care that they deserve. I know I am on the right path and find great satisfaction in watching others grow; if they fail, I fail – which I would never want to do. Scope gave me the opportunity to learn things about myself and how to guide others to learn with compassion and patience. I use tools from my Scope file every day! Scope gave me a voice and knowledge and put me on a career path I had never previously imagined.

Chris Atkinson
The Ability Centre

I had an excellent adventure with Scope Vision and was quite scared to start as I was leaving my young family to go to Perth for 2 or 3 nights at each time I attended.

I am so glad I did take the plunge as I feel like I have grown as a person and can better deal with life's challenges. I am looking forward to applying my new skills within my workplace as I now realise I have the power to do this. 

Renee Hipper
Supervisor Counter Operations / Regional Services
Department of Transport

My team has benefited from me attending Scope’s professional development program in that I now have a better understanding of my team members individual profiles and the diversity required to communicate and work cohesively as a team. Having this knowledge has enabled me to effectively develop and maintain a communication strategy benefiting the team as a whole. Personally I am better able to prioritise my work and understand that it is ok to say "no" to tasks directly outside of my scope of practice. I don't need to be a people pleaser all the time! Developing and sticking to a monthly task calendar has helped me to prioritise and ensure that tasks are completed on time.
I really valued the opportunity to attend the Building Future Leaders course,
MJ as a presenter is second to none! Confident, knowledgeable, approachable, humorous.... it was a pleasure to have spent time in the classroom with her.

Linda Clements
Safety, Quality and Risk Coordinator
Armadale Health Service

I began my journey with Scope Vision around 13 years agi in what seems like a former life! MJ was running Vision and Values training at The Queens and I was a new member of the ALH team. so I needed to go to the ALH School before I started work there (which MJ facilitated) 

MJ Is a fantastic trainer, engaging, intelligent and allowing people to be the hero of their own story. I find it's a better tactic to help people realise their own learning, than to just ask people to memorise facts. Fast forward to today this awesome lady is now helping me complete an Advanced Diploma of Business Management and I am grateful to have her in my sphere once again.

Carma Levene
The Social Chamelion

The Department of Transport has been working with Scope Vision to deliver a customised Certificate IV in Frontline Management to our staff since March 2013.  Over that time I have found Scope Vision, and MJ in particular, to be extremely professional and totally focussed on meeting our needs as a customer. 

 The quality of the materials for all workshops and assessment tasks has been of the highest quality, and always very relevant to our organisational context.  The standard of MJ’s workshop facilitation is unparalleled and her personal energy and positive nature has generated incredible levels of enthusiasm and motivation amongst the participant groups.


Phil Sykes
Learning and Development Manager
People and Organisational Development Department of Transport

The depth of knowledge, quality of the resources and the facilitation style was truly impressive and the participants found the facilitation and concepts very engaging and insightful. Everyone was impressed and eager to get their colleagues to register for the next scheduled course.


Rachel Cappeau
Coordinator Corporate Education and Development
Royal Perth Hospital

Thank you, thank you, thank you, MJ and Scope Vision. I did not expect a training course to almost literally sweep me off my feet. MJ clearly has an amazing passion for self-advancement and because of that wants to give anybody the tools to succeed as a people leader. The course was easy to follow, brilliantly presented and above all interesting. 11 out of ten! Thoroughly recommend this company and in particular, the facilitator, MJ to anyone.

Michael Phillips
Housing Service Officer Fremantle
Housing Authority

MJ and the staff at Scope Vision are all very committed professionals. MJ has such great passion and dedication for the way she facilitates. Whilst she makes the sessions fun to be part of and the participants feel at ease she delivers a high quality program with great results.

Linda Sim
Principal Executive Officer
Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science

Chris Goodwin
Course Co-ordinator
Australian College of Beauty Therapy

My team now has an Operational Plan; developed to clearly share our vision and values. We have set goals and remain focussed in monitoring our KPI's. The 'post-it note' planning board has definitely improved the team project management skills.


Deo Balraj
Principal Transport Design Engineer 
Department of Transport

My team has benefited from me attending Scope's professional development program [Advanced Diploma of Management] by  helping me to understand and enhance my management style . I am now able to ensure that I am effectively supporting the needs of my team and the business. Providing best practice in terms of team engagement, mentoring, support and ensuring that individual skill sets are utilised and developed.

In 2014 I was promoted to Principal Consultant Human Resources. I now lead a team of HR Consultants in the effective delivery of the Departments HR services. The skills and management tools developed through the Future Leadership Program has been a valuable resource when applyng for this position.


Jason Hale
Principal HR Consultant
Department of Housing

My team has benefited from me attending Scope's professional development program [Certificate IV in Frontline Management] in that I am now much more cognizant of the importance of ongoing support and praise of my team's work and achievements. This has helped to create a healthier work dynamic and stronger bonds between team members. We now have a comprehensive Operational Plan that we use for the roll out of any current and future projects.

Ben Kent
Senior Project Officer 
Department of Transport

My team has benefited from my attendance at Scope's professional development program [Certificate IV in Frontline Management] in that it has opened my eyes to the fact that when managing and supervising staff its imperative to be able to understand not only my team's dynamics but how members of my team are actually all individuals who work at different paces and different levels. My customers and clients also fit this mould too. Learning and understanding the 4 [DISC] colour dynamics gave me the fundamentals and knowledge on how to best communicate with them, ie whilst you try and in the main treat others exactly the same, at times you need to alter your ways of communication to clearly and succinctly get the message across.

 The personal win that I took away from the Scope experience is that I have learnt a lot about myself. The self assessment process that we went through, coupled with the 360 feedback from 5 of my colleagues, has been one of the most valuable exercises that I have ever undertaken. It was 99.9% spot on the money in identifying the way that I work and how I work. I have been on many a managerial course over my 10 years in government and yes I was sceptical that “here we go again”. I can confidently and honestly say within the first 30 minutes of the first day I knew that this was not your stock standard run of the mill professional development programme, MJ and her style of teaching is a “breath of fresh air” and I can more than aptly say that MJ is the bestest ever facilitator that I have ever encountered, she is fresh, bubbly, full of humour and is very genuine in her approach and teachings. Thank you MJ for all your support over the 12 months of the course; it truly has been a wonderful experience for me personally.

Gregory Zuin
Employee Services Team Leader
Department of Transport

The structure of Scope's professional development program [Certificate IV in Frontline Management] provided me with a great set of practical skills to effectively lead and manage a team. The practical nature of the course meant that I developed a valuable management skill set that I was able to immediately use to help coach and direct my team.

Personally, I have become a more conscious and effective leader and this has allowed me to empower my team to achieve and grow professionally. Scope's support throughout the whole program coupled with MJ’s excellent facilitation has motivated me to succeed and become a better people manager.

Crystelle Simon
Senior Training and Project Officer 
Department of Transport

This has been my second journey with the Scope team, in which I can honestly say both journeys have been remarkable!! On each occasion where we would meet for our training sessions in group activities the days went so quick with all trainees participating in the activities MJ is a truly amazing trainer in which she has the ability to make each and everyone in her training courses felt valued which I believe is a truly wonderful gift. MJ you have taught me how to be confident, trust myself, prepare for conflict in the workplace and how to deal with not only workplace situations but also everyday life ups and downs. I have had the opportunity through your Scope training course to build on my career within my employment with Department of Transport, I believe you have given me the tools to able me to become a great leader. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you again.

Lorraine McPherson
Department of Transport