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Scope Vision is dedicated to creating the next generation of dynamic, innovative leaders, managers and frontline staff. Our focus is to support the development of individuals and the subsequent growth of the organisations in which they work, through the delivery of nationally recognised training and interactive professional development initiatives. Our business has evolved simultaneously with the innovations of our industry. As a means of continuous improvement, we regularly solicit feedback from our clients and industry stakeholders. We have ensured that we remain responsive to our client requests, anticipate and foresee their needs and expectations, and adapt our company systems and processes to incorporate change in line with industry requirements. We believe that there is a better way of developing people, businesses and teams that can be more fulfilling for all concerned, which could also be economically viable and intellectually appropriate. 

The success of our business grows out of our passion and drive and what we instinctively feel is the way education and dynamic business solutions should be delivered – with flair. Feedback from industry reflects the energy and enthusiasm of our team, and highlights the way in which we transpose information into real world concepts and strategies that can be immediately and effectively integrated within their organisations. Our participants thrive when exposed to an energy transfer that is as exciting as it is effective. As a result, we contribute to the growth and development of people as well as the industries in which they are employed ...........that’s what our culture is all about. 

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"My personal win as a result of the Certificate IV Frontline Management program with Automotive Holdings Group [AHG]  is that I have become more visionary with my team and self…… I am no longer limiting my potential!"
- Gia Le
Business Manager - 

"I feel more motivated in my work and feel I have developed better organisational skills to encourage the staff with their professional development." 
- Jane West
Recovery Clinical /Staff Development Nurse - Armadale Health Service 

"I have taken control of my inbox! My team noticed how much more responsive I was to critical emails and asked me to show them how to better manage their emails. We’re all still following the same method – even six months later."
Ben Kent
Senior Project Officer – Department of Transport

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